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Most countries issue their own guidelines on highway geometric design (some issue more than one guideline). They offer a good place to start when a new project involves road design in their country. This document provides an overview of what the current standards are in a number of different countries.

The current version 6.1 “Ghana edition” has just been released (August 2016). It has 128 pages and contains notes on 79 countries, 7 multi-country standards and 3 special topics.


The new version 6.1 of the document has several page updates and additions, a modified page layout, and a new (and occasional) country section. The structure is:

Part A Introduction
1. Introduction with some background notes on guidelines and standards
2. Month section this edition has some background notes on Ghana
3. Discussion Background discussion on standards and guidelines

Part B Detail pages
The detail pages are grouped into three sections:
4.   Country pages – notes on guidelines and standards presented on a country-by-country basis
5.   Multi-country pages – notes on standards which were designed to cover more than one
6.   Special topics – single page notes listing documents on one or two special topics


Recent versions

  • Version 6.1 (August 2016). Notes on 79 countries, 7 multi-country standards, 3 special topics and 128 pages
  • Version 5.3 (January 2016). Notes on 76 countries, 6 multi-country standards, 3 special topics and 109 pages
  • Version 5.2 (November 2015). Notes on 70 countries, 6 multi-countries, 3 special topics and 102 pages.
  • Version 5.1 (October 2015). Notes on 68 countries, 4 multi-countries, and 94 pages.


You can download a free copy of the latest version 6.1 from ACADEMIA


If you have corrections, additions or suggestions, please send an email to roadnotes2@gmail.com

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